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Thank you for your quick and professional delivery of my pool liner. It was a easy process, and I appreciate your communication throughout the delivery. I will definitely look into purchasing pool products with your company in the future. Many...

Marla S
Jul 2nd, 2009

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Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I have been an employee of, a Division of Recreational Warehouse for the past 16 years. We offer one of the largest selections of pool toys and floats in the country. We are proud of our established presence (We are now celebrating 41 years in business!) and our extensive customer service relations. My desire to develop this blog was to describe in more detail the products we offer and to set up categories by style and age recommendations. The categories will allow you to purchase toys based on the age of your child to ensure their safety while playing. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding our pool toys.

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  • *NEW* Products
    New Products is a listing of the most recent pool toys and floats available. We added this category to highlight newer items that are the wildest, funniest, and clever new product designs you'll see!
  • Swim Training
    We offer a wide range of swim training options from a very basic inflatable band that slides onto the arm, to a full body suit trainer. The full body trainer includes foam inserts that hug the body and create security and safety for the child while they are learning to swim. This section offers level 2 and 3, development of swimming technique.
  • Baby Seats
    The baby seat category offers a great selection of floats that support babies with the assistance of an adult in the pool water. They are available in a variety of colors and styles from a very basic seat to a fascinating ocean life theme. From jet boats to airplanes and buggies these pool baby seats will keep small children safe while enjoying family fun in your backyard swimming pool. This section offers level 1 trainers, an introduction to the pool water.
  • Beach Balls
    Our selection of beach balls include a variety of sizes from 20" to 46" diameter, and patterns of color from bright pink and yellow to Patriotic red, white and blue. The beach balls can be used in the water or outside of the pool area. It doesn't take a lot of skill to toss a beach ball, there's fun for everyone at any age.
  • Inflatable Ride-on
    The kids will be scattering in all directions with the selection of pool ride-on toys that are offered in this category. The children will be torn between their favorite land animal or ocean life friend, or possibly a much cherished childhood fantasy dragon! They will be part of an adventure that will be long remembered when their friends part and go home for the day.
  • Inflatable Tubes
    The young and old alike will have a ball floating around in these inflatable tubes. Whether you're looking to simply relax or perhaps engage in a squirting match there's something for everyone here. Your entire family can join in the fun! Take a look at the Galaxy Fighter Squirter Set that offers dualing action for up to 6 players.
  • Inflatable Play
    Fun, fun and if they haven't had enough, more fun! Wow, what a great collection of inflatable play. From squirters to ride-on and rockers to water slides, these inflatable pool toys will keep the kids occupied all day. Most of the pool inflatable floats are designed to entertain multiple children at one time. Choose from a school bus and fireboat to a battle station squirter set.
  • Floating Lounge Chairs
    Our assortment of floating lounge chairs include a wide variety of materials from plush and cozy to nylon mesh and sling. The styles range from soft skin floating mattresses to recliners and luxury lounge chairs.
  • Inflatable Lounges
    We offer quite an assortment of inflatable lounges that are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Single person floats that will provide tranquility and peace or two person lounges that create an opportunity to hang out with your best buddy on a lazy summer afternoon.
  • Inflatable Mattresses
    Inflatable mattresses are a much desired addition to any back yard swimming pool. The extensive selection of mattresses are available in a variety of sizes from a child size 30" to an adult size 76". The bright colors and patterns vary from solids and wild prints to a Patriotic red, white and blue. Choose from thick, thin, doubles, and single sized mattresses.
  • Inflatable Islands
    We offer a great selection of Island floats that are designed to accommodate a lively clan or an individual wanting some desired leisurely time. Have a look; there are some very creative shapes and sizes. A giant pretzel or fruit slice, a smiley face or piece sign, with cooling mesh panels, and a sofa with a swim through ottoman or a giant sea shell.
  • Pool Dive Games
    The pool dive games are a must have for your backyard swimming pool. They will offer hours of fun and activity geared at children of all ages. The shapes and sizes vary from one game to another offering a greater challenge for older children while some accommodate younger children with larger objects.
  • Pool Games
    There is a wide selection of games designed for aboveground as well as inground swimming pools. So, what's your favorite game? You might prefer a game of slam dunk basketball or giant shootball. Test your launching skills in a game of alien eye ball Toss, and score big, or play a really cool game of ring toss that will take you back to your childhood days. Check them out!
  • Pool Toys Radio Controlled
    The selection of radio controlled toys come with an RC Transmitter and a control range of 40'. The submarine dives and climbs and will turn left and right. The swimming mermaid will be loved by your little girl, it will be her favorite pool or bath toy.
  • Inflatable Pumps
    The inflatable pumps range from a very basic foot pump, for small floats, to an electric pump which is perfect for the very large floats and mattresses.

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